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FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer

The FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer is a Windows utility that makes switching back and forth between your logged
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30 September 2015

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The FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer is a Windows utility that makes switching back and forth between your logged in Windows desktop and Session 0 simple. Since the release of Windows Vista/2008 interactive Windows services (ie. those with a console or GUI component) have been forced to run in an isolated desktop session. The only way to interact with your interactive services (eg. those being run by FireDaemon Pro) on Session 0 was to switch desktop via the Interactive Services Detection Service. This method has a variety of limitations and is disabled in Windows by default. The FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer allows you to switch desktop to Session 0 easily and has the following features and advantages over the inbuilt Windows one:
* Enables interactive services on Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 or later operating system
* Starts the Interactive Services Detection Service Starts and a System Tray applet across all user sessions allowing you to easily switch back and forth between your logged in session and Session 0 by just double clicking the FireDaemon system tray applet icon
* Redraws the desktop and windows of applications running in Session 0 correctly avoiding artifacting especially when switching to Session 0 via RDP
* Allows you to switch to Session 0 indefinitely with no auto-logoff timeout
* Starts a custom minimisable Task Bar on Session 0 that allows you to find and bring to front applications running on Session 0
* Avoids the default nagging desktop popup 'warning' that your applications are running on Session 0
* Start Menu shortcuts allow you to simply rollback to the default Windows Interactive Services Detection Service
* Works seamlessly side by side FireDaemon Pro
* Facilitates Session 0 desktop switching via regular Windows, OS-X and Linux RDP/RDC clients, TeamViewer, VNC and other remote control products
* Available as a retail product with volume pricing and as a pay-as-you-go with volume pay by the month pricing.

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